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Technology Services

The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Content marketting Interface and Web Design

    In interface and web design, the three important factors that we recognize includes usability, functionality and visualization. Employing the web design strategy, we ensure that your brand achieves the marketing goals from the design given by us. We gather information pertaining to the company through our pre-development survey.

  • SEO HTML Development

    HTML is considered to be the backbone of the web design projects. We ensure out web designing strategy to include latest HTML standards. This provides good user experience along with providing ground for the optimal search engine exposure.

  • Copyright Blog Design

    With a blog, the brands can manage the content by providing regular entries. You can even monitor content posted by the users. Blogs allow you to update the content and use it for other social media campaigns. Blog design works in close association of web marketing strategy.

  • SEO RSS Integration

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS integration implies to extracting blogs and content from other web pages to be displayed on your website. It is a better way to include the quality content to your web page without using any resources. Working is made easy working with open sources like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and XML solutions.

  • SEO Social Media Integration

    A proper planning of social media integration is required as these tools can be easily accessed. Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn upgrades your marketing efforts. The content used in social media integration can be integrated with the blogs and RSS feeds, streamlining your marketing efforts.

  • Content Development

    Content development is one of the pillars of web development. We provide an array of content development services like site map development, content planning, writing, and editing and keyword analysis.

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  • Website Maintenance

    Website Maintenance accords you with necessary recommendations for accomplishing your marketing goals. Through this, we update simple texts and add additional pages of content to aid SEO efforts. Website maintenance services are extended to all the industry domains.

  • Graphic Design

    An attractive graphic design sets your brand apart in the market. We provide graphic designing services which give a comprehensive scope to the business. We provide well-designed a logo, brochures, and website as it reflects a lot about the company.

  • Database Design

    Our database design and development services give you a high level of data integration and security. We follow an approach for reliable and efficient integration for all the enterprises. We also integrate your ERP system with the ecommerce solution to help you unlock the potential of data.

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Technology Process

  • SEO StrategyInformation Collection

    The primary step in technology is to collect all the relevant and necessary information. While designing the look of the website, we consider a lot of factors to understand your business and what can be incorporated into the website. The website design must fulfill the purpose and goal of the business. Our team designs a website to target the specific audience.

  • Build OutPlanning

    Once the information is collected, we develop a plan around it. A site map is designed including all the main areas of the topic. It gives an overview of the content displayed on the website. It makes the website consistent providing an easy navigation. It is also the point where we incorporate the technologies like interactive forms etc. .

  • Monthly ManagementDesign

    After planning, the next is to design the look and feel of the website. One of the key factors in the design is considering the target audience. We design a prototype and the access is given to the client. You can visualize the design and development stages according to you with an opportunity to mention your likes and dislikes.

  • Build OutDevelopment

    This step includes the actual creation of the website. Combining all the functional elements, we formulate the functional website. Content distribution across various areas is also done in this step. You can even suggest any changes or corrections which you wish to incorporate on the website.

  • Build Out Maintenance

    The development of the website is not the final step. Another important thing is the website maintenance to bring number of visitors to your website. We update the content and products to enhance the traffic.

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  • Build OutTesting and Delivery

    Before the final delivery, we need to test the overall website once. We ensure complete functionality of the website, compatibility issues, and the site optimization according to the recent browser versions. After the final approval, we deliver you the main site. The step involves uploading files to the server, installation and configuration. The website is made live to the public.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

OIndividuals across the globe browse through the internet to find out the relevant information about the particular product. Being a brand you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing services. If you are not then probably you are missing the largest marketing opportunity. The varied digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    earch engine optimization encompasses all the processes that intent to optimize a website for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Marketingt

    Social media is the latest trend as it allows your brand to connect to a large number of customers and thus strengthening its reputation.

  • Email Newsletter:

    Thinking email newsletter is a thing of past, you may be probably wrong. Email Newsletter gives another place to connect with the website or related products, along with better deals.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    PPC lets make your brand visible through sponsored links including benefits such as instant rankings, keyword targeting etc.

  • Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is the major part of the digital marketing, as it gives out a clear message along with attractive images to capture the audience attention.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Technology:

    The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business.

  • App Store Optimization::

    App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app’s store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Market Place:

    From a business perspective, it is important to understand the customers online. This improves results on online channels. An improved market place analysis brings you closer to customers and analyzes the competitors.

  • Local:

    Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

The form of internet marketing collaborating research, submission and website’s ranking within the search results is called search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is conducted to attain the maximum visibility and upgrade the shares of paid traffic from various search engines. With the increasing competition in the market place, search engine marketing accords the businesses with a platform to promote the products and services on a larger level.

Involving paid advertisements reflecting on the search engine results pages (SERPs), SEM now rules the market place offering the advertisers the opportunity to place their ads in front of potent consumers. A thorough keyword research lays the foundation of SEM as it makes a comprehensive part of the keyword management strategy. Identify the prospective keywords for your business which the customers are likely to use while searching.

Pay Per Click

Organizations across the globe are exploiting the internet marketing formula to increase brand awareness and customer obligations. Pay per Click or PPC is a paid online advertising platform adopted on a broad range of websites including the numerous search engines to set a price on online advertisements. As the name itself suggests, the advertiser will pay if the web user clicks the particular ads. PPC campaigns include paying Google to list the ads on top of the organic search results. Search engines like Google and Bing grant business platform to purchase listings within the search results. The listing appears amidst the natural and non-paid search results.

Being one of the prominent forms of PPC, search engine advertising authorizes the advertisers to propose ad placement within the sponsored links of the search engines.

Cost Per Clicks (CPC)

Being adopted in online advertising, Cost per Clicks is defined as the revenue generated by a publisher, every time a user clicks on the advertisement link reflected on the website. A click exemplifies a visit or a communication with the company’s product or the services delivered. This draws the attention as to what you are buying as an advertiser. The value of average CPC fluctuates according to the distinct industry and business. However, as an advertiser, it should be that CPC will be either equal to or less than the maximum bid. Depending on the working of Google Adwords, The CPC is leveraged by the ad rank of your closest competitor and the bid made in the auction.

Cost per Clicks serves a wide array of benefits as its numerical value will analyze the financial prosperity of the relevant paid search campaigns. The investment reflects the quality you achieve in return for the payment done by you. Cost per clicks bring the maximum traffic and generate leads to the website. Thus, upscaling the online visibility and fostering the brand name among the brand leaders.

CPC comes with two varied models: flat-rate CPC and bid-based CPC. In the flat rate CPC, an agreement on fixed rate is made between the advertiser and the publisher in advance. While in bid based CPC, higher the bid made, more chances the ad will be reflected on the internet. One of the common examples of bid based CPC is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords

Google has designed a system to help in the marketing of the relevant products and services in the Google Search Engine and other sites. As an advertising service, Google AdWords is employed by the businesses to display ads on various affiliated networks. Emphasizing on the keywords, the adword programs empowers the business to decide a budget for the advertisement.

A lucrative AdWord campaign incorporates the target audience, the geographical space, relevant keywords and the budget set for the advertisement, thus designing fruitful results within the minimal time frame. If the user clicks on the AdWords, he is automatically directed to the website. Keyword matches are of various kinds:

• Broad Matches: Broad match covers the maximum users when the prospective keyword is looked for.

• Phrase Match: Ad visibility depends on the matching of the exact phrase mentioned.

• Negative Match: It inhibits your ad visibility when the keyword is searched for.

With the ever growing demand to rule the market world, the brands utilize Google AdWords to attain the maximum benefits. It accords you with a lot of perks. Google AdWords can be measured and analyzed enabling you to perceive the investment made and ROI. The campaigns can be optimized with a tremendous speed allowing your prospects to visualize the ads as quickly as possible. Being cost effective, it provides the advertisers various platforms to tweak your campaigns.

Bing Ads

With the onset of the pay per click advertising across all the internet channels, the brands are realizing the gravity of AdWords. Bing Ads are likely to rule the advertising world in the near future as enables you to influence a larger customer base along with upgraded returns. Sometimes referred as Yahoo Bing Network, Bing ad is an advertising platform to showcase business ads on Bing and Yahoo search engines along with your syndicated partners like facebook, Amazon, Viacom and others.

Bing Adwords has made considerable profits in the search results, thereby portraying a wider market share. Contrary to belief, the Bing Ads syndicated search partners drive huge traffic and evaluate the quality score using different measures.

Mobile Search Advertising

Approximately 90% of the customers don’t step out from home without mobile phones and perform maximum searches from the devices every day. Therefore, large domains of businesses have shifted to mobile search advertising with the recent developments made to the Google AdWords. Its implementation has resulted as the best path for the brands to reach their prospective consumers. However, the marketers are looking forward to boost the performance of the mobile search Advertising.

With the ever growing advent of technology, mobile search advertising will outperform the desktop searching strategy. Based on the respective demographics, the mobile networks acknowledge the mobile profiles, displaying the advertisements as soon as the users download any data or application. The advertising can be carried out in varied ways such as mobile web, multimedia messaging services, videos and mobile applications.


Geotargeting encompasses all the AdWord features allowing your ads to be visible in a certain geographical location. However, it might be challenging to the PPC advertisers to target the limited location owing to cookies or browser privacies which further limit the customer’s reach. Various tactics can be employed for geo-targeting like a campaign targeting bid adjustment, multiple campaigns targeting single or multiple locations. Focusing on the usage of keywords, geo-targeting a specific area will result in major benefits.

Why Choose Us?

At RoundArk, we endeavor to deliver the best services and ensure that the brand gains the maximum benefits. Our professional team focuses on the brand recognition, thus making your product accessible to the customers, be it existing or the potent customers. Upgrade inbound traffic and increased ranking in search engines is what we prioritize.

Designing digital media campaigns and embracing the latest technology, we give our clients a strong stride across the globe.

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