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Twitter Checklist

Twitter is a popular social networking site which lets people to post & read messages referred to as Tweets. The site is based on SMS technology and hence there is a character limit set to 140-characters.

First Things First

  • Choosing a @username: Always go in for a short & catchy username. The maximum length for the same is set at 15 characters (excluding @ symbol), so choose wisely.
  • Add Your Full Name: There is a limit set to this too, which is 20-character long.
  • Select a Password: Ensure that you do not use the same password for all your social networks. Keep them secure and difficult to hack. Changing the password every once in a while is a good habit to indulge in.
  • Add the Phone no./ Email Address: This contact info should be of the person who will personally oversee the account. It saves time and energy.
  • The Company Bio Part: Your company/ service/ product needs to be mentioned for people to understand you. For company bio, you get a 160-character limit. Use proper hash tags and keywords to make the bio come up in Twitter search.
  • Add Your Location: This helps connect with potential clients easily. In case you have multiple locations, add your HQ location or the location of your flagship store.
  • Add The Website: The URL selected by you will be the homepage of your website. It is important that you land the person to an appropriate landing page.
  • Choose a Theme Color: You could choose from 10 default theme colors (orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, gray, red, pink, purple) or choose a custom swatch that suits your brand.

Pictures That Speak

  • Upload a Profile Picture: When your profile page is opened on the desktop, the picture displays as 400*400 px but it is as tiny as a fingernail when opened on Twitter's mobile app. The logo should be simply designed with high contrast so it is easy to read and identify even on the app.
  • Select a Header Image: As per Twitter recommendation, the image that you upload here should be 1500*1500 px. When this image is seen on a mobile screen, it automatically resizes itself to a smaller area.

Next Steps

  • Pin The Tweets: If you want everyone to see a particular tweet, you can pin the tweet at the top of the feed on your profile page. To do this, click the dots icon present at the bottom left corner of the tweet and select 'pin to your profile page' from there.
  • Use #Hashtags: A hashtag is used to tag tweets based on various categories. To make a hashtag, use # followed by the word(s) without any space.
  • Follow People/ Pages: You could either follow everyone and anyone who follows you or just follow the active, influential people belonging to your industry. Choose accordingly.
  • Post Photos: A picture speaks a thousand words. This is very apt and true in the present day scenario. You can add up to four photos (or one GIF or video) to a tweet. You can also tag people in photos using their @usernames for increased interaction.
  • Twitter cards: Take advantage of Twitter Cards, which allow you a lot of freedom like collecting emails with a single click and much more.

Content Ideas

  • Save searches for your company name, products, or other relevant topics to make it easier to find what other people are saying about you.
  • PR is a nice way to stay in touch. Here you could also mention about any awards your company has received.
  • Indulge in informal polls & questions to increase customer interaction and engagement.
  • Highlight the people and behind-the-curtain processes.
  • Be prompt when it comes to respond to genuine questions and customer service issues.
  • It helps when- apart from self-promoting- you also share relevant content from other sources.