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Pinterest Checklist

Pinterest- for the unawares- is a social platform specifically for images and videos which are referred to as 'pins'. Here, the users can save, upload, share and sort pins; browse others' pins; and 're-pin' them. First Things First.

  • Choosing a Username: Always go in for a short & catchy username. The maximum length for the same is set at 15 characters. This is also used as the URL for profile page. You can add relevant short phrases like dr, iam etc. in case your preferred username is taken.
  • Add Your Full Name: There is a limit set to this too, which is 37-character long.
  • Select a Password: Ensure that you do not use the same password for all your social networks. Keep them secure and difficult to hack. Changing the password every once in a while is a good habit to indulge in.
  • The Company Bio Part: Your company/ service/ product needs to be mentioned for people to understand you- which is known as Company Bio and you get a 160-character limit for the same. Here, you can also add your location and working hours- if that is relevant to your business.
  • Add The Website: The URL selected by you will be the homepage of your website. It is important that you land the person to an appropriate landing page.

Pictures That Speak

  • Upload a Profile Picture: When your profile page is opened on the desktop, the picture displays as 165*165 px. Unlike other networks, Pinterest does not have any additional cover or header image. The logo should be simply designed with high contrast so it is easy to read and identify even on the app.
  • Pin The Image: Within the feed, a pin is 238 px wide (having adjusted height). An expanded pin is 735 px (having adjusted height). The resolution for the board cover image is 217*147 px. For the board thumbnails, it is set at 51*51 px. The minimum resolution for images should be 100*200 px.

Next Steps

  • Pinterest accounts could either be for business or for personal use. If you are creating a new account, go in for one particularly for business. In case you already have a personal page for your company, you can convert it to business one.
  • If you have a business account, you get a lot of perks, analytics being one of them. For this, you need to get your website verified.
  • Having a Pinterest widget added to the website helps your visitors to pin images from it.
  • FYI: Pinterest has a limit set for boards at 500, pins at 200,000, likes at 100,000, and pinners at 50,000.

Content Ideas

  • Ensure that the images you pin are high quality. They reflect well on your brand.
  • When you are just starting out, stick to general boards. These can later be branched into specific topics.
  • Create infographics. Being high on visuals, they are really easy to understand.