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Instagram Checklist

Instagram is an app based platform that lets users take photos and videos, edit them, and then share them across various social media platforms. Though you can view your account on a Desktop browser, but to actually create an account and post photos and videos etc., you need to go mobile- hence app based.

First Things First

  • Choosing a Username: Always go in for a short & catchy username which is also set as URL for the profile page. The maximum length for the same is set at 30 characters.
  • Add Your Full Name: As is with Username, for your full name too, the limit is set at 30 characters.
  • Select a Password: Ensure that you do not use the same password for all your social networks. Keep them secure and difficult to hack. Changing the password every once in a while is a good habit to indulge in.
  • The Company Bio Part: Your company/ service/ product needs to be mentioned for people to understand you. For the same, you get a 150-character limit.
  • Enable Your Location Service: Turn this service ON in your phone so that users can browse the photos by location. You could also geotag the photos after they have already been posted by you.
  • Add The Website: The URL selected by you will be the homepage of your website. It is important that you land the person to an appropriate landing page.

Pictures That Speak

  • Upload a Profile Picture: When your profile page is opened on a mobile app, the picture displays as 150*150 px but it is larger on a desktop. Hence, the photo that you choose should have a slightly larger resolution. The logo should be simply designed with high contrast so it is easy to read and identify even on the app.
  • Post a Photo: The maximum size is 2048*2048 px. This is automatically adjusted in square dimensions for various devices.

Next Steps

  • Write The Caption: The limit for captions is set to 2200 characters and 30 hashtags/ post. However, long captions are illegible on the mobile app.
  • Edit The Photos: With Instagram, you get a lot of editing options like- adding fillers, adjusting saturation, sharpening the image, changing the brightness level of the image etc.
  • Tag/ Mention Other Accounts: If there are any accounts that are pictured in the photo, you could tag them. In case they are not there in the photo, you can mention them below in the caption area and the notification for the same will be sent to those accounts.
  • Follow/ Unfollow Accounts: Instagram has set a limit here which is as: You cannot follow any more than 7500 accounts, though no limit is set as to how many accounts can follow you. Hourly limit for following accounts is set to 20 people; to unfollow, the hourly limit is set at 100 people.
  • Comment and Like the Posts: You can like a maximum of 350 posts/ hour. Comments are limited to 240 characters approximately.
  • Link to Other SM Platforms: If you permit Instagram to access your other accounts, you could easily cross-post to all of these platforms (FB, Twitter etc.)- from the Instagram app itself.

Content Ideas

  • Show the process that goes in the making of your products.
  • Introduce your employees & show behind-the-curtain scenes.
  • Highlight the events hosted by your company.