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What began in 2012, as a first of its kind initiative in the world of financial markets, Zee Business Sensex ka Sultan brings together the finest derivatives trading talents from across the country, in a battle of wits!  YNG Media has helped SKS in boosting its reach to a large number of people using the gargantuan social media platform, primarily Facebook. Enlisted are the objectives of the campaign:

  • To educate masses about the financial market
  • To reward the worthy one among them
  • To foster investor education in the area of derivatives trading
  • To search the traders having talent of trading in derivatives

OBJECTIVES OF Social Media Campaign
In order to take the game show to the next level, we started promoting it on the Zee Business’ Facebook page with the following objectives:

  • To promote the game show for maximum engagement, both online as well as offline.  
  • Reach out to general people other than traders
  • To increase the foot falls at the on-ground shows
  • To increase the fan base of Zee business’ page to take Sensex ka Sultan to wider audience


  • SUDHIR VASHISHT: Project Manager
  • MUKESH KUMAR: App Developer
  • SHIVANI CHHABRA: Social Media Optimizer
  • ARJUN MAHAJAN: Creative Designer

Being a game show not related to more popular themes like dancing or singing, the major challenge was to drive engagement. Also, on Facebook, people log in to socialize and for entertainment so we had to keep the theme entertaining yet informative. Here are the major challenges we encountered during the campaign:

  • Creating a buzz for the show’s initiation
  • As most people on Facebook were surprised by such a serious theme, it was a major challenge to drive them towards the show.
  • To run a contest to promote a serious campaign, we had to make the quiz questions difficult enough to show seriousness but not too difficult to restrict participation.
  • While proceeding towards the city rounds, it was a bit difficult to gather relevant info about the specific states to connect masses with the show.



Asking users to predict exchange rates at the currency derivates market closure was indeed a great way to engage those who understand the Sensex terminologies

This is how we developed competitive spirits among the participants


Asking users questions about their respective states helped us a lot to drive relevant engagement

Choosing winners was indeed a tough task among numerous right answers but it was shows how popular the daily quiz was.


  • The FaceBook Campaign has really created a buzz for the show and organizers received a tremendous response for the online round
  • Our strategies for the online round worked as is shown by the large amount of engagement on the posts.
  • All the contests received great results with many posts crossing 150+ Likes & almost 100 comments.
  • The engagement levels and the enthusiasm of the fans has resulted in continual improvement in the reach of the campaign