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Customers are more empowered with smartphone revolution

Retail shopping has turned smarter with the evolution of the smartphone. The mobile market revolution has given consumers more power and compelled the retailers to look for advanced techniques to meet the expectations of these consumers.

The marketing strategies once were nice to have are now must have for the retailers. Consumers now prefer shopping on the go through various apps. To drive sales from this channel, retailers need to offer the customers convenient shopping experience.


The biggest driver of change in retail industry is consumer behavior

Whether customers shop on the online store or opt for in-store shopping, they expect uniform shopping experience across all the categories. The retail businesses need to pay close attention to the change in the consumer behavior and keep pace with it by improving their business model.

Retailers who were using digital marketing just as an additional promotion tool now need to reconsider their operating model. According to the new business model the retailers should define themselves by their customer base, not by the products they offer. So the focus should be on the experience of the customers rather than the product.


Retail store formats will change with integration of digital technologies

The retail industry has now tough competition from the ecommerce stores. There is a dire need to integrate advanced digital technologies with the physical stores. They need to focus on the technologies that impact consumer shopping experience and influence their behavior.

Experts at Round Ark help retailers get access to these technologies and combine them with their business goal. Some of the strategies for right use of digital technologies include a strong presence on social media platforms for feedback; listing on price comparison websites and integration of mobile marketing in other promotion strategies.


Working for the customer experience

Retail is no more just a location. These now have an important place in customers' life. Whether it is a traditional store or an online store, retailers are adapting the latest marketing strategies to offer better customer experience. We help them maximize customer satisfaction in retail by focusing on the touch points.

Retailers need access to user-centric data to relate to them and offer them relevant products. Digital enable them to improve their offerings with the help of advanced technology, user-friendly ecommerce portal and other tools.

Round Ark has all the required skills and know-how to help retailers personalize and customize shopping experience. Whether your customers are on mobile devices or on the desktop, Round Ark ensures you to get happy customers with its digital marketing services.

Creating differentiation for competitive advantage is the major challenge for retailers

It is time to re-imagine the business process and create differentiation to surpass the competitors. All this is possible by focusing on seamless customer experience. Besides creating value proposition through discounts, retailers should also pay attention to the customer engagement, brand reputation, and hassle-free payment feature at the online stores.

Round Ark possesses all the skills to help the retailers get an edge over competitors. The experts understand the business goal and make strategies for the retailers. From creating a personalized web experience to smooth shopping process, strategic cost management and automated purchase management, retailers can expect everything at Round Ark for their business growth in this digital era.

Investing in digital channels for better in-store shopping experience

Digital marketing is the right technique to restore the art of personalized experience for the customers. Retailers now have competition from both the physical stores as well as online stores. The ones who understand this market situation have already started investing in digital channels for enhanced in-store shopping experience.

Further, the brands having both online and physical stores, invest in digital channels to offer a uniform shopping experience to the modern customers in each category. The retailers are working in association with the large brands to reach out to the local customer by sending them offers on their smartphones.

Round Ark helps retailers achieve this goal with reduced ERP costs and richer interactions with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.