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ORM Services

The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business and makes an integral part of complete search engine marketing process at Round Ark.

  • Content marketting Strategy Development

    ORM is not just reacting to the negative feedback but also taking proactive actions to curb unfortunate occurrences. At RoundArk, we protect your online reputation by developing a proactive strategy. We develop reputation management strategies on the basis of thorough analysis.

  • SEO Online Reviews

    In the online world, reviews play a vital role in decision making. We use this powerful signal by getting more and more authentic online reviews across a range of platforms. We create an impression that your business offers consistent and high-quality products.

  • Copyright Reporting and Analysis

    The online world is highly flexible and the data changes too quickly. It also affects your reputation. We keep the close eye on the changes with regular reports and analysis and assess the progress to track the trends. We also keep you updated with your online reputation through regular reports.

  • SEO Social Media

    With our social media marketing efforts, we ensure that your social presence as a testament that gives customers valid reasons to trust you. We introduce the customers to your human face. We provide a rapid response to the visitors on different social media platforms.

  • SEO Brand Building

    We help you build a brand with our ethical marketing, strong search profile, and high-quality content. To help you get a strong brand image, we also work on building an effective search engine profile.

  • Executive Reputation Building

    ORM is not just about the brand's image but also about the reputation of the executives and leadership team. Besides your business' online reputation, we also pay attention to the social profiles of executives and make sure they don't spread any negative news about the brand.

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  • Monitoring

    When talking about monitoring, we don't mean just using software. We believe in real human efforts and look for the threats to your reputation. With a right blend of automated and human monitoring, we identify the threats and respond properly.

  • Consulting Services

    Our years of experience in online reputation management help us provide expert consulting services to the clients. We offer project based consultation to help the companies get positive feedback and social media presence

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ORM Process

  • SEO StrategyAssesment

    We understand the uniqueness of every business and their market and that's why we start our ORM process with an initial evaluation. We search the web for all the available content, reviews etc. The assessment process also includes the keywords, which show negative results about your business.

  • Build OutAction Plan Development

    The assessment report is used to make an action plan. We define the activities to promote your brand, to control negative publicity, to cover up negative content and ensure high rankings in the search engine. We also sit with the clients to get their insights and suggestions.

  • Monthly ManagementContent Strategy

    Content strategy for online reputation management depends on the keywords that show negative results. Based on the selected keywords, we decide the blogs posts, press releases, reviews, social media posts and other content that has to be posted on different platforms. Our professional content writers make sure that the content is original and impressive.

  • Monthly ManagementContent Strategy

    Content strategy for online reputation management depends on the keywords that show negative results. Based on the selected keywords, we decide the blogs posts, press releases, reviews, social media posts and other content that has to be posted on different platforms. Our professional content writers make sure that the content is original and impressive.

  • Monthly ManagementNegative Content Management

    You can never know the people who post negative comments. These can be your competitors or dissatisfied customers. No matter who has posted the comments, these have a similar impact on your online reputation. We manage these negative comments with positive reviews and suitable replies. Besides writing comments, we also optimize them to ensure better ranking on the keywords that were earlier showing negative comments.

  • Monthly ManagementPositive Association

    Round Ark's years of presence in the industry has helped it earn an exclusive relationship with different partners verticals. We use this for your benefit by creating pages for your business on these platforms and help you appear on the top of search results.

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  • Monthly ManagementReview Management

    In this step, we focus on managing the reviews that include both positive and negative reviews. We use different techniques, tools and methods to keep a check on the reviews on different review sites including Google+, Yelp, and other business directories. We make strategies to maximize positive reviews to counter the negative ones.

  • Monthly ManagementMonthely Performance Review

    ORM is not a onetime process that you just write a few positive comments or counter the negative comments and forget it. We use different tools and online alerts to get regular updates of negative comments or reviews and react immediately. We regularly search the keywords related to your business to ensure that the positive content we have published appears at the top. We also keep you updated with the performance by sending you monthly reports.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

OIndividuals across the globe browse through the internet to find out the relevant information about the particular product. Being a brand you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing services. If you are not then probably you are missing the largest marketing opportunity. The varied digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    earch engine optimization encompasses all the processes that intent to optimize a website for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Marketingt

    Social media is the latest trend as it allows your brand to connect to a large number of customers and thus strengthening its reputation.

  • Email Newsletter:

    Thinking email newsletter is a thing of past, you may be probably wrong. Email Newsletter gives another place to connect with the website or related products, along with better deals.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    PPC lets make your brand visible through sponsored links including benefits such as instant rankings, keyword targeting etc.

  • Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is the major part of the digital marketing, as it gives out a clear message along with attractive images to capture the audience attention.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Technology:

    The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business.

  • App Store Optimization::

    App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app’s store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Market Place:

    From a business perspective, it is important to understand the customers online. This improves results on online channels. An improved market place analysis brings you closer to customers and analyzes the competitors.

  • Local:

    Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

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What is Online Reputation Management?

Users come across discrete products and services every day and comment by giving their negative and positive reviews. One consumer complaint or a poor review on the online portal scales on the search results with an astounding speed. Thus, it is of great value for the brands to maintain their online reputation and nurture ergonomic growth for your brand online. For this, an extensive consideration is made in respect to your business competitors and also subordinating the negative review with proven techniques. There comes into play, the online reputation management, excelling your brand name in the online market.

Online Reputation Management incorporates the practices of designing and implementing strategies that have a positive impact on the public impression of an organization or other entities on the internet. Initiating a drive on public opinion about the brand, service or the products, ORM mitigates the aftermath of the negative reviews, design active marketing strategies and widen the horizon for online reputation. It utilizes positive material for counteraction to influence the Google’s search engine results pages and other strategies like social media, website projects or emails.

ORM is a process of restraining what reflects on Google when someone searches your brand name implying the positive content on top of the search results and suppressing the negative content down in the result to ensure heavy and positive traffic. A constant interaction on the social network websites is important for the growth of any business despite the business size and prospects.

Why is online Reputation Required for Your Brand?

With the ever growing advancements made in the major search engines, the brand should prioritize their online presence and quickly counteract the negative rank and results. If there is no protection, the users can post a negative review on the blogs; videos file a complaint or promote your competitors hampering the online value of the business. The company must be aware of the digital performance of the respective service or the products. Upgrading the business sales, it helps you to overcome the negative feedback pertaining to your brand which allows you to regain the trust of the target audience.

A negative buzz in the market about your brand and a negative listing in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can damage the brand’s reputation to a great extent hampering your capacity to maintain the current business and win new opportunities. It allows the business to boost the online visibility along with monitoring reviews in diversified verticals.

However, positive reviews about your business all over the internet will look suspicious. Therefore, a few negative reviews are not a worry. In certain cases, the search engines get flooded with the allegations pertaining to bad services, business practices or illegal activities creating a negative impact on your business. This is when online reputation management comes into play to find the root cause of the internal problems. The business may become a victim of malignant attack owing to personal issues or competitive sabotage. The practice of reputation management replaces the bad content with new content that builds the brand name. Proactive engagement online will keep you aware of the customers reviews and their suggestions for the company’s products and services. Develop transparency and accountability for a favorable online impression of your brand across multiple channels.

  • Digital marketing methods assist the business to develop a larger customer base, as it does not imply any interaction or physical appearance.
  • It gives the customer an opportunity to collaborate directly with the business.
  • It is not restricted to a particular place and conventional means, as a customer can interact at any place and time.

Online Reputation Management Tools

A several number of tools are available to help you monitor the online reputation of your business. The tools of your interest are mentioned below:

  • Google Alerts:

    Google alerts have been in use from a quite a long and companies still rely on these alerts. Users access your brand content through Google searches, therefore activating Google alerts will instantly direct you to any negative review posted pertaining to your business.

  • Trackur:

    A social media monitoring tool, Trackur keep you notified if your brand is mentioned on social media platforms. Tracking and analyzing the trends, online reputation management evokes positive response about the business.

  • Hyper Alerts:

    Maximum business maintain their presence with Facebook, Hyper Alerts is an online tool that keeps track of online activity with instant notifications keeping you updated.

  • Social Mention:

    Social mention monitors the online reputation of the brand and keeps a track of who is talking about your brand on various platforms. This helps the business to identify the negative reviews and tackle them effectively.

  • Image Raider:

    Images are more effective than simple content. Image Raider discovers any distortion related to the brand image or the case of stealing images.

  • Rankur:

    Rankur allows you to efficiently manage the brand online reputation and track the social media presence enhancing marketing online marketing strategies.

Proactive ORM

Proactive ORM is defined as an online ongoing process of auditing and evaluating relevant data of your business in the search results. Thus, it forbids any damage to the brand name. As a proactive strategy, online reputation involves certain steps to create brand awareness. Proactive online reputation management encompasses a lot of online marketing practices, content optimization, article development and citation claiming. Proactive Positive and user-friendly content on the website, social media platforms and instant reactions to the negative customer feedback counteract the negative reviews about your organization. The online reputation can either build or degrade the market value of any business.

Reactive ORM

Reactive online reputation management incorporates identification of the negative brand reviews and immediate response to build its reputation. However, companies tend to pay less attention to reactive ORM. It helps you to improve search traffic for your brand and eliminates the traffic to negative online reviews, allowing you to remove the irrelevant pages from the search results. However employing reactive online reputation strategy is difficult and companies prefer reactive strategies for building a brand image.

Why Choose Us?

RoundArk provides an array of services to safeguard and preserve the online reputation of your brand utilizing the best online techniques. Backed by a highly professional team with in-depth experience, we deliver instant support and customized solutions following a standard approach ensuring brand market value.

Transforming the online reviews of your brand, RoundArk transforms your image by providing engaging content and enhancing online reputation.

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