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Local SEO Services

Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

  • Content marketting Buiseness Listing on differnt platform

    Round Ark is one of the reputed local business listing service providers. Our experts look for the best local directories and search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google and get your business listed on all of them to help you drive more traffic from all the expected sources.

  • SEO Map Listing Optimization

    Do you want your business to be highlighted on Google, Yahoo and Bing maps? We provide the solution for all the local business. We help you get found in the local maps with our professional and effective map listing optimization services. We ensure top rankings on Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and Bing local. The team focuses on everything from the website URL to company information and keyword inclusion.

  • Copyright Competitive Research

    To find the link opportunities and helpful resources for your business, we perform competitor analysis. We at Round Ark, offer the services to help you understand where your business is lagging behind. We perform both manual and automated research to get complete details of your competitor’s actions, performance, blogging consistency, presence on social media and ranking.

  • SEO On Site SEO

    We prepare your website for the search engines by working on its design, usability and content. We make sure it has relevant META information including title and description. If your website misses a call-to-action, we use the same to encourage the visitors to take an action.

  • SEO Inbound Links

    We understand that there is no shortcut to getting quality inbound links. We use our experience, technologies, and skills to create top quality inbound links for your local business. Our inbound link building process includes directory submission, guest blogging, social bookmarking and press release. We ensure that you get links only from relevant websites.

  • Promoting Local Listing

    We promote your local listing on different social media platforms and other bookmarking websites with attractive images, videos and attention grabbing content.

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  • Improving Google Reviews

    We know that even single negative comment or review can affect your rankings in local searches. To avoid this, we regularly monitor the reviews. We keep a check on what people are saying about you and counter the negative reviews with appropriate replies.

  • Asset Creation

    Getting quality links are possible only with a great piece of content. So to get that link juice, we create link-worthy content that is useful for the search engines, users and the websites providing links

  • Brand & Relationship Building

    We find the helpful links for your local business and connect with the website owners to build relations with them. We figure out the linkable assets that we can promote on their pages, send emails and win their trust to ensure that you get lasting relations. .

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Local SEO Process

  • SEO StrategyInitial Analysis

    We lay the foundation of the local search engine optimization process with initial analysis process. This includes evaluation of your business, competition, keywords, website, images etc. We also check your website for the details you have provided and match it with the information on different listing sites.

  • Build OutKeyword Research

    Like traditional SEO, local SEO is also based on right keyword targeting, which starts with keyword analysis. We use different tools as well as human efforts to make a list of keywords related to your domain.

  • Monthly ManagementWebsite Audit And Optimization

    Initial analysis process also includes website audit and optimization. We perform an in-depth audit and make a list of the required technical fixes and other improvements. After getting approval from you, we ask our IT team to make the changes to optimize the website for search engine. We also check your website for its functionality and visibility on different screen sizes. If you don’t have a responsive website, we suggest you get it designed.

  • Monthly ManagementGeographically relevant content designing

    Round Ark has a team of local search engine optimization experts who understand the content requirement of people from different regions. They optimize your website for a varied location with their geographically relevant content.

  • Monthly ManagementClaiming the businesses and removing duplicate listing

    Just listing your business on different directories or maps is not enough to get rankings. You also need to claim your business to enhance the authority and win Google’s trust. We check your business information, make the required corrections and claim it. Further, we also check the duplicate and incorrect listing and remove them as these are more harmful than beneficial for your local SEO.

  • Monthly ManagementReporting

    We keep you updated with the performance of your local business with regular monthly reports. We provide you clear data of all the improvements and changes through charts and graphs.

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  • Monthly ManagementLink development

    Quality and number of links play a vital role in Google’s ranking algorithm. Link building in local SEO is completely different from traditional SEO as the focus here is on getting a maximum number of citations pointing back your website. We ensure that your business gets references from the optimum number of locations to help you get top search rankings.

  • Monthly ManagementBuilding Citations

    We consistently work on citation building to ensure that your business gets regular mentions and references. Besides building new citations, we also fix the inconsistent and faulty existing citations. We timely update the entries and ensure that all the citations have uniform NAP (name, address and phone number).

  • Monthly ManagementInternal Linking

    We offer you effective site architecture for the local business by strategically working on internal linking. We create location pages, use keyword-rich anchor text and link within the content.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

OIndividuals across the globe browse through the internet to find out the relevant information about the particular product. Being a brand you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing services. If you are not then probably you are missing the largest marketing opportunity. The varied digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    earch engine optimization encompasses all the processes that intent to optimize a website for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Marketingt

    Social media is the latest trend as it allows your brand to connect to a large number of customers and thus strengthening its reputation.

  • Email Newsletter:

    Thinking email newsletter is a thing of past, you may be probably wrong. Email Newsletter gives another place to connect with the website or related products, along with better deals.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    PPC lets make your brand visible through sponsored links including benefits such as instant rankings, keyword targeting etc.

  • Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is the major part of the digital marketing, as it gives out a clear message along with attractive images to capture the audience attention.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Technology:

    The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business.

  • App Store Optimization::

    App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app’s store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Market Place:

    From a business perspective, it is important to understand the customers online. This improves results on online channels. An improved market place analysis brings you closer to customers and analyzes the competitors.

  • Local:

    Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

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Prospective customer are searching your business locally. Connect with them through effective local search marketing

With 1 in 3 of the Google searches being for local businesses, it has got imperative for every business to get their website onto the first page of Google in the local area. Local SEO is a lot different from traditional SEO campaign. If you own a local business, you cannot rely only on traditional SEO campaigns to get on the top of local search results.

In the highly competitive market, Local SEO is a strong weapon for the small businesses to stand out in the SERPs. But this needs a thorough understanding of local ranking factors, different tools, strategies and other factors that can help you rise to the top of organic results.

What is local search?

In broader terms, Local SEO is just a subset of the overall website optimization process for the improved rankings and search results. Focus of this marketing strategy is on the searches that include geographic modifiers such as “book shop in Delhi” or “the best restaurant near me.”

At large it might look similar to organic SEO, but it is very different from it. The focus of local SEO is on offering better results to the searchers as per their current location. For instance, if you search for ‘best Italian restaurant’ on your mobile phone or the desktop, Google will give you the list of restaurants that are nearest to you.

Top rankings in local searches include a combination of general SEO best practices and some selected strategies effective only for local results.

How to get impressive results in local SEO?

Getting the best results in Local SEO is not a one day task. It is a lengthy process that needs proper planning and apt execution of the strategies. Unlike link building in organic SEO, you don’t have to focus on this in local SEO. This is more about effective local NAP citation, local reviews, and My Business signals.

This is a blend of various factors, which you need to address systematically. The whole objective behind all the activities for Local SEO is to help people feel comfortable on your website. To get top ranks and happy customers you should focus on:

Google Places: This is the very first step in the local business optimization process. Don’t forget to claim your business on Google Places for Business page. Further, ensure that the contact information, business address, and other important details are complete. Make it easier for Google to find you easily when people looking for businesses in a specific category by providing clear and precise category information.

• The important details in Google My Business include:

• Long and unique description with correct links

• Pick the right category

• Upload high-quality photos

• Add business address and phone number

• Add opening time

• Ger customer reviews

On-page local SEO: Address is the most important part of local business. You should maintain a consistency while mentioning business address at different locations. Be it listing or local page optimization on the website, you should use the address in a consistent format. The title tag of the page should have a brand name, targeted keyword and the location.

You can also embed a map on your ‘contact us’ page to get better rankings in local SEO.

Local link building: Link building and citation are equally important for local SEO as these are for organic SEO. The tragedy is that this is one of the most overlooked parts of the local SEO. Like standard SEO campaigns, local SEO also relies on high-quality links from other local and relevant businesses. The only different between the link building for organic SEO and local SEO is that the former focuses on high authority websites while the later is about getting links from local websites that are talking about the similar business like yours.

Local reviews: Reviews have a strong impact on the decision-making process of the online buyers as well as on your rankings. So you should make honest efforts to acquire real reviews from the users. Local reviews are not just about Google reviews; these also include user reviews on local directories like Yelp. You can get in touch with your customers to request them for a review.

Why is expert support important?

Local SEO is a lengthy process that needs commitment, deep knowledge and ample time, which you might lack due to other business responsibilities. Further, the online world is highly flexible with new updates from Google every now and then. Ignorance of these changes and updates can put your business at risk and affect your rankings. Some of the compelling reasons to take help of experts for effective local SEO are:

• They know the rules and regulations applicable in your area

• They understand the Google algorithm and ranking factors

• They have experience of working for your target audience

• They can provide quick response when your clients need you

Why work with Round Ark?

If you have tried your hand on local SEO and failed to get results, it is a right time to join hands with Round Ark to take your local business to a whole new level. Round Ark is a team of SEO experts who strive to help you get more traffic, qualified leads and more exposure in limited budget. We have experience of offering unmatched local SEO services to hundreds of business all across the world. Our goal is to help you grow with more customers. We understand the importance of local SEO and the difference local presence can make for your business.

Interested in a result oriented local SEO campaign? Contact us today for free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

At RoundArk, we endeavor to deliver the best services and ensure that the brand gains the maximum benefits. Our professional team focuses on the brand recognition, thus making your product accessible to the customers, be it existing or the potent customers. Upgrade inbound traffic and increased ranking in search engines is what we prioritize.

Designing digital media campaigns and embracing the latest technology, we give our clients a strong stride across the globe.

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