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App Store Optimization Services

App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app's store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Content markettingAnalysis

    The analysis is an important part of app store optimization. We analyze your app and give the necessary recommendations and suggestions for the brand to build their services effectively.

  • SEOOn Page App Store Optimization

    Working from the scratch, we expand impressive strategies so that your brand receives more organic traffic. We work on everything encompassing keyword placement, Meta tags, application title, descriptions, logo, screenshots and categories until it serves the best to your brand.

  • CopyrightOff Page App Store Optimization

    We employ effective off page app store optimization services in order to get better traffic. Our team works on the all the off page optimization services including app reviews and ratings to keep your brand at the apex.

  • SEOLocalization

    We offer full localization services incorporating application title and description, logo, and keyword selection. Attract a maximum number of customers to your web page and products by our effective localization services.

  • SEO Competitor Analysis

    To understand the strengths and loopholes of your competitors empowers you to beat them in the concerned market. Backed by advanced and powerful tools and technologies, we conduct an exhaustive analysis of your competitors to analyze the brand position.

  • Keyword Selection

    Keyword research is the foundation of digital marketing process and makes an equally important part of app store optimization. Effective selection of keywords is done based on the niche of your business to target the respective users for better conversion rates.

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  • Web Presence And Tracking

    Web presence is the utmost requirement of a good marketing strategy. We keep a constant track on the brand ensuring that the related problems are solved immediately. This removes any negative feedback pertaining to the brand on the web.

  • Enhanced Visibility

    We continuously track the application reviews and ratings enabling out off page optimization services to positively influence the audience opinion. Getting user’s feedback and updates are the impressive way to ensure user retention for a longer run.

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App Store Optimization Process

  • SEO StrategyAssesment

    Analyzing the competitor and the market is the primary step in the app store optimization process. We keep a constant eye on what your competitors are doing in the market. Based on the analysis, an assessment is done and further steps are designed in the process.

  • Build OutStrategy

    Before commencing, a competitive strategy aids the brand to understand the market, competitors and ensuring that the application is on the appropriate track for an effective result. We assist in making productive business decisions in the market which upgrade the chances of the success rate of the business. Analyzing your idea, we implement necessary to study for development of efficient app strategies for the enhanced position of the app in the market. The strategy incorporated factors like market analysis, competitor investigation, roadmap creation, product strategy, ideation workshops and social media strategy.

  • Monthly ManagementImprovement

    After defining the profound strategy, we work on the improvements that can be made in the app. We study the market thoroughly to assess the major factors associated with the app and try to incorporate it into the app. Once the app is completely improvised, the process jumps to the next step of marketing.

  • Monthly ManagementMarketing

    For the app’s visibility, we work in coordination with the brands, developers, advertisers for the impressive implementation of the marketing strategy. Our team has expertise in every category, device, and platforms. We design promotional programs with the intent to enlarge the customer base. We have the skills, creativity, experience, and the essential resources to feature the launch and user base development for long term relationship.

  • Monthly ManagementReporting

    We believe in giving a complete report of the app store optimization to provide the insight of the entire procedure. Generating reports on monthly basis, we analyze the work and work on the loopholes for better work in the future.

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  • Monthly ManagementMonetization

    For the sustainability of an app, a strong monetization plan is essential. It is important to analyze the revenue opportunities presented by the mobile in order to select a business model and works well with the target audience. We recognize opportunities to increase your revenue and define feasible goals for your app. The monetization service encompasses business modeling, revenue analysis, mobile advertising optimization and pricing comparisons.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

OIndividuals across the globe browse through the internet to find out the relevant information about the particular product. Being a brand you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing services. If you are not then probably you are missing the largest marketing opportunity. The varied digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    earch engine optimization encompasses all the processes that intent to optimize a website for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Marketingt

    Social media is the latest trend as it allows your brand to connect to a large number of customers and thus strengthening its reputation.

  • Email Newsletter:

    Thinking email newsletter is a thing of past, you may be probably wrong. Email Newsletter gives another place to connect with the website or related products, along with better deals.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    PPC lets make your brand visible through sponsored links including benefits such as instant rankings, keyword targeting etc.

  • Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is the major part of the digital marketing, as it gives out a clear message along with attractive images to capture the audience attention.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Technology:

    The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business.

  • App Store Optimization::

    App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app’s store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Market Place:

    From a business perspective, it is important to understand the customers online. This improves results on online channels. An improved market place analysis brings you closer to customers and analyzes the competitors.

  • Local:

    Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

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What is App Store Optimization?

The technological advancements have resulted in millions of mobile apps today. Hence, the app publishers find it difficult to get the app identified as you would want your prospective customers to find you easily. In order to market your product in the right direction, certain measures need to be taken. One of the most effective techniques which serve large benefits is App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization ensures optimization of the mobile apps to maintain their ranking in the search results of the app store. Meeting the app store ranking criteria is essential to keep your app at the top of the search results which establishes better visibility among the potent customers. Enhanced visibility generates more traffic to your app page, ultimately leading to a specific action: app download. This is the main goal of app store optimization.

Before, embarking on the process, it is imperative to understand your target customers which incorporate the keywords being used by them for searching a particular app. Through this, you analyzing the customer’s language become easier to design an effective marketing plan to enhance the business dimensions. ASO is a fundamental procurement strategy evolving at a faster rate that has now moved to advanced plans like retention and app indexing.

App Indexing

A large number of users rely on mobile searching and look for content even in the app downloaded by them apart from websites. Therefore, Google has turned its focus on content app indexing which has resulted into better visibility in the search engines and app engagement. App Indexing allows Google to index the application in the same as the websites are being indexed. You can observe the links of Android apps in the Google search result that leading to the appropriate content within the app. For instance, if you are carrying Google search on a particular subject on your mobile, Google will reflect the concerned app result for the relevant content.

Until 2013, indexing was limited to desktop and mobile app, but the recent developments have resulted into app indexing as a part of search results. Google perform app indexing is done with the help of certain tools such as sitemap file or Google webmaster tools. If the user has the app installed on his device, he could see the content enclosed within the app. Thus, it gives the users an opportunity to view the content within the app along with the mobile webpage.

If the content on the website and the app is similar, the app results show up as deep links in the search results. Tapping on these deep links on devices in which the app is installed will take the user directly to the main content. A lot of data is stored within the app that remains undiscovered. App indexing results into better user experience which is developing into an effective tool for communication. App indexing allows refined searches with accurate data leading to enhanced visibility of the apps in the search engines.

Real Time Mobile Analytics

Nowadays, customers are well informed about the developments and need enhanced understanding about the technology. According to the predictions made by the experts, in 2016 the real-time analytics tools will experience an evolution in terms of easy integration and explained reporting. Therefore, a number of companies is adopting this new technology to raise the bar of customer satisfaction.

The evolution made in the real-time mobile analytics will make it easier to analyze which ASO techniques are working well and which ones are not. Keyword optimization can be done in a better way by the developers as to what customers are actually searching. The marketers will be seen spending more time on keyword research and understanding competitor’s strategies to use app analytical platforms available.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is similar to SEO. With the use of specific tools, you can design page content incorporating all the relevant terms, increasing the number of potent users for the app. Generally, the organic traffic generated is the outcome of the simple app store research. Keyword optimization is essential to shift the high-quality traffic to your website.

How ASO Helps Your Brand?

With the plethora of apps available in the multiple app stores, brands have an opportunity to make a choice as per their requirement. App Store Optimizations escalates the app store visibility, enhancing the user engagement with number of downloads. Generating better data leads to enlarging a number of users who initially were not a part of your target audience. The conversion data can suffer a decline either because of poor app store listing or improper description. Including app title, effective descriptions and innovative call to action enhance the data quality for app store optimization.

The marketers and developers should design effective marketing campaigns in order to reduce the cost of paid campaigns. The referral campaigns can be made successful by the addition of push notifications to follow the campaigns along with inviting friends to build customer’s network. Even if the app is not online, the addition of newsletter and emails can still create a contact with the customers.

Why choose us?

App store optimization is the best way to enhance the app’s search ranking. At RoundArk, we provide a full range of ASO services like analysis, on page and off page ASO. Our professional team backed with the advanced technology will render your app to attain the best rank within the marketplace. We help you achieve the top slot by excellent keyword research, analyze market rank and suggest the required alternations. Real Mobile data services upgrade ASO and number of quality users.

Why Choose Us?

At RoundArk, we endeavor to deliver the best services and ensure that the brand gains the maximum benefits. Our professional team focuses on the brand recognition, thus making your product accessible to the customers, be it existing or the potent customers. Upgrade inbound traffic and increased ranking in search engines is what we prioritize.

Designing digital media campaigns and embracing the latest technology, we give our clients a strong stride across the globe.

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