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Affliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Content marketting Initial Consultation

    We believe in client focused approach which commences with the effective consultation. The consultation process is designed to study about the brand, products, and services. The initial consultation is done to accomplish niche identification, offer creation and differentiation. The affiliate campaign begins with the identification of niche within the marketplace.

  • SEO Audit

    We audit the current marketing program advising on aspects which require improvement. The audit is designed to find the hidden cost sources and defining opportunities for expansion. We detect affiliate frauds, structural inefficiencies, and developing new strategies for brand growth

  • Copyright Expert Proposal

    Our team works for the submission of an expert proposal to receive the benefits of the affiliate advice of the experts.

  • SEO Project Management

    An effective project management is carried out for effective affiliate marketing strategy. We make use of innovative and advanced tools for the process of affiliate marketing. We optimize and develop an affiliate program for high potential and better campaign execution.

  • SEO Affiliate Optimization

    We provide affiliate optimization for better conversions of traffic. We utilize advanced tracking technologies and tools for real-time reporting and prompt payments. Conversions are optimized by linking visitors to the advertisers and products.

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  • Reports and Recommendations

    We generate affiliate marketing reports and follow the recommendations generated for the process. Frequent reports designed to provide you with insights about the affiliate marketing programs.

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Affliate Marketing Process

  • SEO StrategyDiagnostics

    A proper and elaborate assessment of your business and the requirements is conducted for the identification of areas which demands affiliate marketing. It diagnoses the relevant areas which require changes.

  • Build OutStrategy

    After the affiliate assessment, we design an effective strategy to drive better revenues to the business. Our team works to establish your network with the publishers and influencers to build the brand reputation and enhancing the marketing efforts employed in the process.

  • Monthly ManagementNetwork Setup

    Once the strategy is created, we optimize your affiliate accounts coordinating with the network team. We ensure that the setup is made within the brand’s policies and preferences.

  • Monthly ManagementPromotion

    After the network is setup, we develop various affiliate programs and recruit publishers. Our team makes sure that the publishers are updated with the new offerings. We provide all the marketing essentials required to promote your products in the market.

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  • Monthly ManagementReporting

    In the end, reports are generated incorporating suggestions and recommendations for discussion. The report will provide an overview of the affiliate activities, and campaign performances for evaluation.

Verticals of Digital Marketing

OIndividuals across the globe browse through the internet to find out the relevant information about the particular product. Being a brand you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing services. If you are not then probably you are missing the largest marketing opportunity. The varied digital marketing services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    earch engine optimization encompasses all the processes that intent to optimize a website for better search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Marketingt

    Social media is the latest trend as it allows your brand to connect to a large number of customers and thus strengthening its reputation.

  • Email Newsletter:

    Thinking email newsletter is a thing of past, you may be probably wrong. Email Newsletter gives another place to connect with the website or related products, along with better deals.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    PPC lets make your brand visible through sponsored links including benefits such as instant rankings, keyword targeting etc.

  • Content Marketing:

    Content marketing is the major part of the digital marketing, as it gives out a clear message along with attractive images to capture the audience attention.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate marketing analytics and strategy is an important pillar of digital marketing services

  • Technology:

    The audience engagement is increased from the website appearance. Your brand image in the market reflects the services offered. So building brand image is important from every perspective.

  • Online Reputation Management:

    The act of monitoring and mitigating search engine result pages is called online reputation management. It provides an overview of the internet search to the respective business.

  • App Store Optimization::

    App Store Optimization is done to optimize your mobile apps in order to achieve higher ranks in app’s store search results. The app visibility increases the number of potential customers.

  • Market Place:

    From a business perspective, it is important to understand the customers online. This improves results on online channels. An improved market place analysis brings you closer to customers and analyzes the competitors.

  • Local:

    Nowadays, it has become easier for the businesses to grow implying search engines that place them in their local search results. Local SEO allows your business to stand out distinct in the SERPs.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

For an amateur, digital marketing encompasses all the forms of electronic media being utilized for the promotion of your products and brand name. Digital marketing varies from traditional marketing as the former includes the use of digital channels and strategies, empowering the organization to evaluate the on-going marketing campaigns. Focusing on the real time, the organizations can analyze what strategies are working for them and what isn't.

In the pursuit of digital marketing, various promotional techniques and methods are employed to reach out a larger audience and customer base via the featuring digital technologies. Utilizing the internet as the core promotional medium, digital marketing epitomizes the selection of services, products and marketing techniques. The various techniques involve search engine optimization, search engine marketing and link building.

The aspiration of digital marketing is to enhance customer engagement and furnishing mediums via which the customers can effectively interact with the brand name. These mediums incorporate branding services and delivery of digital media. Telephone calls, ad space, and billboards are completely erased from the market. Even magazines and newspapers are on the verge of dying out. The consumers prefer mediums which are convenient and accord them with instant outcomes. Therefore, their interest is shifted from conventional marketing forms to the state-of-art technologies. The consumers rely more on online measures and search engines for their daily requirements and seeking information on various aspects.

Digital marketing elaborates all about the strategies to reach out the appropriate audience employing the use of smart digitized channels and mediums.

Digital Marketing v/s Physical Marketing

Before, we ponder over the question which is better digital marketing or physical marketing? Let us have a glance at what exactly term marketing implies? Marketing incorporates methods to understand the prospect's need and based on that design products and services that will cater to the target audience. It also includes promotional activities, market research, and advertisement.

Previously, physical marketing was largely used to reach the customer base, but with the advent and evolution of information technology, the market is realizing the value of digitization and its related techniques. As mentioned above, digital marketing involves usage of social networks and search engines for the brand awareness. However, the traditional marketing means examining the products physically so as to get the real time experience.

There is no question to raise that digitization has completely taken over the traditional marketing methods owing to the following reasons:

  • Digital marketing methods assist the business to develop a larger customer base, as it does not imply any interaction or physical appearance.
  • It gives the customer an opportunity to collaborate directly with the business.
  • It is not restricted to a particular place and conventional means, as a customer can interact at any place and time.

Why is Digital Marketing required for Businesses?

We have already gained an insight about what digital marketing is all about and how it has completely covered traditional marketing from the market. The second question that we need to ponder on why digital marketing is required from the business perspective? Throwing light on some of the major highlights:

  • Digital marketing enables to manage customer relationships across all the mentioned channels. It is the primary thing for a brand to understand their customers, in order to communicate with them effectively. This is the need of the hour. Deeper the brand can probe into the customer behavior and choices, the more customer engagement they develop.
  • Another advantage is that digitization develops quantifiable results which imply a measurable reaction of the traffic on the website.
  • Rather than calculating how many customers or prospective customers are online, it is better to turn the table around and ask who is not online these days. Nowadays people find digital technology as an integral part of their day to day existence.
  • A well framed social media campaign can deliver the same message to a large customer base than by spending less and consuming no time. Social media and search engines can access from any corner of the world.
  • Digital marketing tactics make result tracking an easy process. Employing a huge range of analytics and data, the brands can evaluate their marketing campaigns.
  • They can analyze the campaign performance, measuring the accomplishment in real time, according to you with an opportunity to plan effectively and instantly make the alterations.
How is Digital Marketing Altering the Marketing World?

Digital Marketing is evolving every day and is a nonstop change in the marketing world. It has changed the pursuit of many companies, extending the business verticals in many directions. Earlier in 2015, apart from focusing on search engine optimization, brands also shifted their concern towards creating effective content.

The data reflects that content marketing has generated 3 times more lead than the conventional marketing strategies. Marketers have reduced the advertising budgets to get more profit from the digital marketing tactics. Relationship marketing has grown wide with digitization with an increase in the customer base.

Why Choose Us?

At RoundArk, we endeavor to deliver the best services and ensure that the brand gains the maximum benefits. Our professional team focuses on the brand recognition, thus making your product accessible to the customers, be it existing or the potent customers. Upgrade inbound traffic and increased ranking in search engines is what we prioritize.

Designing digital media campaigns and embracing the latest technology, we give our clients a strong stride across the globe.

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