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Maharajas' Express Case Study


To connect the Maharajas’ Express to its fans in India and abroad through Social Media .

Social Media Optimization Techniques


Social Media Channels:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Google+ :
  • Pinterest :
  • You Tube:
  • IMGUR:


Creative Strategy for Facebook and Google+ :

Strategy No. 1:
To tell people about the interiors of the trains. Like different Suites available from which people can choose as per their convenience.

Strategy No. 2:
To tell people about the different Journeys they can undertake. Giving information about cities and no of days along with equally informative customize creative.. Example – “Heritage of India”

Strategy No. 3:
By Giving information about the prestigious awards they have won. Helped in building the brand value of Maharajas’ Express .
Example - #Winner of the "World’s Leading Luxury Train" #award two times in row in 2012 and 2013 at World Travel Award, Maharajas' Express is truly an experience unto itself!!

Strategy No. 4:
Telling people about the ongoing offers available on their website, to increase the traffic on their website as well as sales.
Example - #PAY FOR ONE AND YOUR COMPANION PAYS 50% ONLY  For Indians including NRI/PIO/OCI : .
For complete details please visit

Strategy No. 5:
Encouraging people to book online which not only increase the engagement on the Social Media platforms but also website traffic.

Strategy No. 6:
Uploading videos about the on going activities on the train on you tube customized channel as well as on the other platforms

Strategy No. 7:
Telling people about the less famous destinations which are covered by the Maharajas’ Express and India is not only about Famous Taj Mahal or Metropolitan cities.
Example - #Jaipur, Pink City of India.
Visit the city of #Royals to enjoy the glimpses of amazing Royalty in the for of beautiful #Architectures in India

Strategy No. 8:
E-Mailer Created for thanking people who have travelled with Maharajas’ Express and telling them about the Social Media Channels from which they can connect as well as remain updated.