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Bwitch Case Study

Bwitch is a leading lingerie brand for the women across the nation and has successfully earned a name for itself in the past many years. Bwitch brings forth the latest collection of innerwear emphasizing on the four pillars: fashion, form, function, and fit. The brand believed that lingerie is not just a piece of apparel but enhances the personality of a woman. It gives you an opportunity to avail the widest range of lingeries in different fabrics, colors, and cuts.

With the emerging online trend, Bwitch began to face competition from the other lingerie brands. They already had a brand name, but had to work on keeping themselves ahead in the online market. That is when they felt the requirement of opting for Search Engine Optimization to expand their SEO traffic and upgrade the number of organic searches. They approached us to increase their traffic. We examined and analyzed their problem by thoroughly revising each and every point in order to deliver the best results.


In the recent years, so many lingerie brands have cropped up and turned to be competitors in the online world. Analyzing this aspect, we concluded that work needs to be done to increase the traffic growth. The traffic also reduced owing to the improper selection of keywords due to which the traffic got diverted to the other websites. So there was a need to improve the ranking on selected keywords to grab the attention back.

The SEO team also examined a decrease in a number of orders and had to fix the problem for better results.

Our Approach

After carefully evaluating every aspect, we started working to get the favorable outcome. Initially, we analyzed the visitor's behavior and what was their attitude while browsing through the internet. Based on that we got engaged in the development and re-development of the website architecture.

The primary thing that grabs the user's attention is an attractive and indulging content. Therefore, we worked on re-hashing the website content to increase the traffic. After investigating about the competitors, we worked on link building and to remove the toxic links due to which the traffic was getting diverted. Various promotional activities were edited for improved results.

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Satya Paul is a fashion brand and can run only when it offers value as per customer behavior and their expectations. Our Reddit promotion techniques helped us understand buyer behavior and the latest market trend. Reddit promotion included close attention to visitor comments and conversations for market analysis. This helped us improve the content on the website and reshape it to match the visitor expectations.


  • A satisfactory growth was observed in Average Session Duration; March 15 – 03:33 to July 15 – 04:50
  • An exceptional growth was witnessed in the number of sessions; Mar 15 – 23, 093 to Jul 15 – 33, 846
  • An impressive growth was seen in terms of number of transactions; Mar 15 – 72 to Jul 15 -667


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